Solar Pool Cover Roller Which Type is the Best for You?

If you have a large pool, you need a solar pool cover roller. It is also known as the reel system. 

Solar Pool Cover Roller helps you to cover and uncover the pool quickly. 

Automatic Swimming Pool Cover Roller It comes with a motor, an upgraded version of a manual roller. They also have a manual handle or wheel as a backup. 

Solar Pool Cover Roller It uses solar cells to generate power from solar energy to cover it easily without much effort

Electric Power Roller It generates energy from an on-grid power supply. It is also popular and best for swimming pool owners.

Water Powered Roller  The water flows through the unit and causes the roller to turn and uncover the pool. 

Manual Solar Pool Cover Roller It is usually made of stainless steel, aluminum, or a mixture of these two materials. It has a center poll which is adjustable to pull size.

Hidden Pool Cover Roller It is hidden in a compartment that is underground surrounding the pool. The top of the compartment is aluminum.

Pool Solar Cover Roller Above Ground It is just the opposite of hidden pool cover rollers because it is installed above the ground near the pool.

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