6 Easy Ways to Keep a Floating Solar Fountain in Place 

A floating solar fountain is a kind of mini fountain that works under direct sunlight. This is a small black disc with a pump at the bottom. 

Many people face a problem with the floating solar fountain because it does not stay in one position 

1 You can use hooks to tie it in a particular position of a small pond.  

2 Use some concrete blocks near the floating solar pump to obstruct its way 

3 You can use two threads to keep a solar fountain in the middle of a vessel 

3 use a small medium-sized bowl to keep the solar fountain in it. 

4 attach four sticks with glue tapes to keep the fountain in the middle  

5 anchor the floating solar fountain to the bottom of a large pond/pool 

6 tie the floating fountain to the shore of the pond/pool.  

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